High Power Rocketry

I have recently discovered the world of high power rocketry, only to realize "Wow, there ARE other people like me out there". I earned my level 1 certification July 10th, 2004 at a Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) launch with a Public Missile Bull puppy on an Aerotech H123 reloadable motor. Besides the ripping scream of the rockets going up, I've met some really great people with this hobby.

I'm also helping out on the Delta II project, buildling a 10% scale model of a Delta II organized by Steve Mashburn. It has been a great learning experience since most of these guys are level 2 or 3 certified.

Rocket Fleet

Rocket First launch Width Length Weight Motor(s) Comments
PML Bull Puppy 06/12/2004 3.126 in. 39.625 in. 32 oz Aerotech G80-7, H123W-10 First kit rocket!
Scratch Built 6" 10/10/2004 6 in. 108 in. 23.3 lbs. Aerotech J570, K700 Dual/Redundant deployment, kevlar/fiberglass body, nomex honeycomb/carbon fiber fins, 54mm motor mount tube.
4" Modified Endeavour 04/17/2005 4 in. 80 in. 17.3 lbs. Aerotech J275 Added custom fin can, designed for 2-stage, redesigned for electronic dual deploy, 4 fins instead of 3 and removed the bottom set of fins for the booster.

Flight Log

Official NCR Flight Log 2004
Official NCR Flight Log 2005

Flt Date Rocket Motor Sim Height (ft) Actual (ft) Comments
1. 06/12/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech G80-7 1476 ? First flight! 29mm single-use motor w/tape nice depoloyment.
2. 07/10/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech H123W-9 2788 ? Level 1 certification flight - Success!
3. 08/14/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech G80-7 1476 ? Another single use low power for confidence
4. 08/14/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech H242T-12 3255 ? Simmed to about 23 Gs, nervous about whether rocket could take it.
5. 10/08/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech I161R-14 3500 ? Very nice flight, first I motor.
6. 10/09/2004 Sparky Aerotech J570W-0 1650 1250 Successful Level 2 Cert flight!
7. 10/09/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech I161R-14 3500 ? Unstable flight, cracked airframe and fins. Luckily no one hurt.
8. 12/04/2004 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech H123W-9 2788 ? Went back down to smaller motor, Repaired fins/airframe but airframe cracked again
9. 04/16/2005 Sparky Aerotech K700 4852 3928 Drag Race with Steve Marshall, he won.
10. 04/17/2005 Endo Aerotech J275 3820 3338 First flight, beautiful!
11. 04/17/2005 PML Bull Puppy Aerotech H148 2900 ? Rebuilt body tube to repair crack, slightly longer, but still squirrely. Nozzle cocked off to side after launch so rocket arched over.

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